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Sales Force Automation System


Client : Life Line Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. Colombo, Sri Lanka.

A scalable mobile application was developed on Windows Mobile 6.5 to satisfy the requirements by the client. The system was developed and launched in 2 months time and 50 sales representatives are using it now. After the implementation the system the sales force has a robust reporting feature with minimum time consumption from their end. Also the cost for the system with the monthly service charge is really competitive and saves a lot of time and effort.

How it works:

Sales Agent logs into the SalesMobelia1.0 software and create sales orders and send it to the Secure FTP server (just by a single click). As he sends the order a text (sms) message goes to the Manager (or the immediate supervisor) of the sales representative. And the distributor gets an email. Then the distributor can prepare the order and dispatch it at the same time.


Sales representatives can request to add new customers, distributors, areas and products without bring the handheld device to the office. Everything is done just by click of button. Another Interesting thing is that the each and every sales rep can add data individually.

Reporting and Management

A separate web interface is dedicated to allow the management to view and generate reports and evaluate the sales force real-time with performance measurements.





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