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Corporate Solutions


The core competence of e-nowave is in developing customized desktop and mobile software to improve the business of our customers.

We focus on looking at your business and implementing software at areas where you can obtain a better ROI (Return Of Investment). We have developed simple stand-alone systems to carry out specific tasks such as Payroll, Invoicing or inventory management or we provide solutions integrating your entire organization to a single platform. Our expertise also extends to producing customized Mobile and Industry Specific applications. By customizing we ensure that the solution fits to your current working style. We don’t expect your staff to have to change due to software. We believe software to be an avenue to increase your ROI, productivity and add value to your company and it is something when implemented should cause no resistance within a company.

We ensure that the whole implementation process takes place at a pace suited to the culture of your organization. We ensure that the training is to your satisfaction and that you have the necessary customer support and documentation. Our solutions are designed by teams comprising individuals from a wide array of industries ranging from textile, manufacturing, trading, retail, agriculture, telecommunications and information technology..

We ensure that your company’s culture to embracing technologies is understood and well thought of in designing the solution. We look at your current needs and what you might need in the time to come. Our software is developed to face your requirements for the future in a simple, systematic manner. This is what makes e-nowave a solutions company that you can truly count on.



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