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Off-shore Development


Off-shore software development with E-nowave provides you access to a broad range of specialized technical skills at a very good price with exceptional project management. Our high ethical standards ensure that the client retains full ownership of all intellectual property rights and software source code at the completion of the project. We ensure all client coding and development specifications are always protected with high levels of security.

Our multi-skilled, experienced developers provide you with a platform to achieve your product ambitions quicker and cheaper assuring you a leadership in time to market and hence a important competitive edge.

Why Choose E-nowave for off-shore development

1. Our labor rates are ‘Actually’ low

Don’t be fooled by low hourly rates. At E-nowave our off-shore teams have excelled in providing productivity levels whilst still focusing on perfection on product maintainability, reliability, flexibility, and efficiency.

2. Our Skill

Our team has a great depth of knowledge and experience. Our hiring process and working culture ensures that we hire the best in the industry. Our working culture ensures that our work force is provided with an environment that they can thrive in. Sri Lanka has a work force with excellent command of English and have workers with knowledge of French, German and Spanish. This ensures that you have no communication problems during your project.

3. Our Planning Process

Following a agreement on a contract E-nowave meticulously works with a specification with our customer. This allows us an insight to our client's requirements and ensures that the programming is done from a solid platform. Our project management is detailed and regular. This ensures that you are always aware of the status of your project. All our projects have specific milestones that have deliverables that are visible and testable by our customers.



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